Iterative Design Brief

Through out the course of this brief we should learn:


  • More about people and how they react.
  • For instance how we think people will perceive our graphics and how they actually do. 
  • What mechanisms do designers of digital
    media use in spaces to grab our attention.
  • How people experience our work in an environment. ( How do they handle complex information that
    may pass in a moment).
  • An understanding of design Rules.
  • An understanding of design Methods.
  • Some understanding of design activities and business.

Having completed this unit the student is expected to demonstrate:

• 01 An ability to adopt an iterative, evidence-based approach to digital
media design and production;

• 02 Originality, creativity and professionalism in the concept,on, pitching,
design, management and realisation of digital media artefacts;

• 03 The ability to work effectively as an individual as well as part of a
production team;
• 04 The ability to analyse and reflect on iterative production processes by
drawing on relevant intellectual and professional debates.


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