Dorset Campaign Analysis And Design

We have developed our initial ideas further and we have produced a variety of posters.

This project coincided with the timing of the scottish independence vote. This political movement evoked emotions among people and as thoughout history people want to encourage other people to share their opinion. One such way this is done is through the use of posters, one of the most popular and famous poster was the be brave poster by Ciaran Murphy.


There is obviously a clear connection between this poster and the famous historical figure of William Wallace who promotes freedom.

Taking examples from history we decided it would be a good idea to try and use something which had already been effective in the past so from this we decided to create our own version of the famous and highly successful Propaganda poster of Lord Kitchener.

As “it is clear how propaganda plays a vital function when its correspondence with different parts of a society is able to affect human behaviour and action, stirring patriotism in people”. – Laughey, 2007

Obviously by patriotism in this sense we mean dorset as opposed to england.


We combined this style of poster with our previous research on thomas hardy to produce this poster.


Following on from this design we all gave our inpputs and decided it needed more colour. So we produced it again but with a bit more colour it hnow has a vintage look to it.


Another Design we produced was a combination of things These included the shape of the county dorset on the map, the flag of dorset and Alfred Russell Wallace the man who charles darwain arguably stole the theory of evolution from. His final resting place was in dorset. With all these factors combined I created this poster.


However when we analysed this poster we concluded that it was too complex for people to interpret and understand at a quick glance.

Our third idea was to create a poster around the theme of identity.


Then a few tweaks were made to this design to produce this.

10736134_10152390736044599_965660462_nWe chose to use this poster as the idea we would go ahead with.

This only left one thing now we had to test the design in the environment to see how it was designed to work and how it actually worked.



The Top 20 Indy Posters are…

Laughey, D.

Key themes in media theory

In-text: (Laughey, 2007)

Bibliography: Laughey, D. (2007). Key themes in media theory. Maidenhead: Open University Press.















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