Implementation And Test

Time to put the design into action


we put the designs around the environment they were created for.

10735615_10205299635955034_455569337_n  10749143_10205299635235016_574740430_n

We then did a shadowing session watching how people interact with both people and the space itself. For example what were the demographics what effect did this have on the outcome. What type of things engaged the users of the space the most and why.

10749476_10205299634554999_1442664612_n  10744627_10205299633914983_832186957_n  10736098_10205299634354994_1771774621_n  10728690_10205299634795005_907545597_n

We also interviewed a few people to get their opinions on the poster.



  • —We did a shadowing session where we observed the space and people.
  • —We interviewed a few people so as a improvement we could have interviewed more people to get a wider demographic opinion.
  • —The time we used wasn’t a appropriate time to get feedback as people just wanted to go home.

— The space is generally filled with colour, pictures and designs which made it hard to put a A3 poster in this space and get noticed. Therefore the poster needed to have factors that make it stand out.

—Simplicity was important so people understood the message in a short amount of time.


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