Inspiration 2

Another Inspiration throughout this project was an artist/designer who’s work I had been introduced earlier on in my studies at university.

The Artist/ designer I am talking about is Chris O’Shea.

In his words he describes himself as

A British artist and designer. I use technology to make the unimaginable come to life. Inventing new approaches that explore play, human behaviour and engagement through interaction design and the visual arts (O’shea 2004).

He has many creations that I enjoy But the one of particular interest for me on this project was the piece of new media art named Constable which was exhibited in the Tate Britain gallery.

This exhibition as seen Below was a collaboration between Chris O’Shea and the interactive design and user-experience agency

All Of Us (Us n.d.).

The first part of this video is the part I am more interested in Chris O’Shea’s describes it as

This installation offers visitors an insight into the artist’s thinking behind the painting ‘A view on the Stour near Deadham’ in a fun and engaging process. By walking in front of the projected painting, the visitor casts a virtual shadow over the image, revealing an x-ray of the painting underneath. By comparing the finished painting and the x-ray, the visitor can see alterations in the work that Constable had made during its development. The project uses video camera tracking to create the x-ray shadow, slowly fading between the images allowing the visitor to notice subtle differences between the two (O’shea 2006).

I have taken this idea of people interacting with your art and revealing something else and applied it through my own interpretation in my work. I will expand upon this in a later blog post titled




O’shea, C., 2004. About Me | Chris O’Shea. [online] Available from: [Accessed 21 Nov. 2014].

O’shea, C., 2006. Constable | Chris O’Shea. [online] Available from: [Accessed 21 Nov. 2014].

Us, A., n.d. AllofUs – Work. [online] Available from: [Accessed 21 Nov. 2014].


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