Processing interactive media project stage 2 (requirements)

Further Research into my shark idea


I’ve always had an interest in the ocean, just like space we still yet have so many questions left un-answered. So when I watched this video it made me happy to see science and design combined so that we need not kill something just because we don’t understand it.

My project is to create a piece of interactive media using processing. I am basing my project around a shark in a surreal environment. Doing research into sharks led me to this video which has given me food for thought of elements I can incorporate into my design.

Following on from this theme just something to make you chuckle. Apparently everyone loves a photo bomb even a shark.


From doing further research into lenticular displays it has come to my attention that their are several ways I can go about this project.

My initial idea is that I will take three images which I will create from scratch, I will compose them in photoshop to create the art and see how they align. Once I have reached this stage I will then have the images saved as three seperate images.

My idea from here is that I will use the public to interact with my piece of media. The peoples movement will represent the eyes. For instance if the person moves to the right the visuals will change (through a change in the opacity of the images). The same will happen for the left however if they stand directly in front of the camera. This will be the same as both eyes looking at the piece of art and all three images will be blended together creating a super imposed image made up of three images which displays as an illusion.

(note to self use this for further research and explaining the work)


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