Processing Interactive media project stage 3 (Analysis and design)


I have decided to change my idea and I am now going to progress with my second idea, this is because I think it has more chance of achieving prestige.

Lenticular Display

Lenticular display is a clever way of changing the perception of things

“by using This method relies on a display coated with a lenticular film. Lenticules are tiny lenses on the base side of a special film. The screen displays two sets of the same image. The lenses direct the light from the images to your eyes — each eye sees only one image. Your brain puts the images together and you interpret it as a three-dimensional image”.

To create this I wanted my piece of interactive media  to be along the theme of illusion so I set out looking for research, looking for inspiration to influence my ideas and help me progress my ideas.

I came across Tang Yau Hoong I was particularly interested in the art he had created which was along the theme of surrealism, illusion and using negative space.

I love the way in which Tan Yau Hoong uses visual imagery in a very clever way to create illusions

as you can see in this picture (below) this piece was called  the sound of nature each picture always has two key elements two it. Which is something I am very keen to use in my own art. For instance in this picture he has created an image which could be interpreted as either the frequency of a section of music or as tree’s and their reflection on the water.


I have always found illusions very intriguing as they spark my interest

From research gain a further understanding I learnt as is explained by (Weinschenk 2011) “Your brain creates these shortcuts in order to quickly make sense out of the world around you. Your brain receives millions of sensory inputs every second (the estimate is 40 million) and it’s trying to make sense of all of that input. It uses rules of thumb, based on past experience, to make guesses about what you see. Most of the time that works, but sometimes it causes errors”. 

A great example of this is this triangluar illusion.


triangles illusion


As pablo picasso puts it beautifully  “Art is a lie that allows us to approach truth, at least the truth that is accessible to us. It is up to the artist to convince his audience of the truthfulness of his lies”. This is a more general term using to describe art but I believe it fits well within the category of illusion.


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