Iteration Cycle 2


I implemented my designs and then I tested them using a variety of colours. For the purpose of testing I will consistently be displaying the camera feed as well as the images/ colours I want the tracking to interact with. This is because it allows me to gain a better understanding of the functionality of my code.

fill(255, 204, 0, 10);
ellipse(colorX, colorY, 200, 200);
img = loadImage(“small.jpg”);
tint(255,map(colorX, 0, width, 0,255)); //tint(colour,transparency()) map(width is being used as BrightestX, height, width, 0, 200);

fill(255, 204, 0, 10);
ellipse(colorX, colorY, 200, 200);
img = loadImage(“space.jpg”);
tint(255,map(colorX,220 , 440, 255,255));

fill(255, 204, 0, 128);
ellipse(colorX, colorY, 200, 200);
img = loadImage(“heart.jpg”);
tint(255,map(colorX, width,0, 0,255));

This code was used to load the images map them with the colour tracking, positioning of the images transparency of the images etc.

this part part of code 

 fill(255, 204, 0, 128);
ellipse(colorX, colorY, 200, 200);

as you can see in the .gif below shows the position of the brightest pixel and it displays these co-ordinates visually by displaying a red ellipse.



float colorProximity =   abs(red(pixelValue)-0)+abs(green(pixelValue)-0)+abs(blue(pixelValue)-0);


float colorProximity =   abs(red(pixelValue)-255)+abs(green(pixelValue)-255)+abs(blue(pixelValue)-255);


float colorProximity =   abs(red(pixelValue)-255)+abs(green(pixelValue)-255)+abs(blue(pixelValue)-0);


I have evaluated that the environment had too much white and black in it which was causing problems with the tracking. When i changed the colour to yellow it worked much more efficiently. From this I concluded I had several options I could either give the people who would interact with my piece of media in the foyer something yellow such as a yellow arm band. Or I could change the type of tracking. I concluded that as the foyer would have different colours in its appearance as to the room I tested in. I couldn’t therefore assume that it would work as effectively in the foyer as there may be more yellow in the environment. I have decided due to this that my best option will be to change the type of detection. As face detection will work more universally I have decided to try that instead.



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