Reflecting upon my project. unfortunately at this point in time I don’t have my piece of interactive art working as well as I would have hoped. I am very happy with my concepts, however I just need to correct a few bits of code as I have tried a few variations which changed the functions of the art work and there fore by seeing the reactions I can conclude I am close to having it finished to the standard I want. Through out this project I have maintained a consistent theme of convergence throughout my work. I have spoke to my peers and I even produced a short survey about my work. Which helped gain me an insight into other peoples thoughts on my work. Mostly the feed back was positive as a lot of people seemed to show a genuine interest in my work. Because the survey is anonymous I don’t know who made which comments. Most people appreciated the illusion of two things in one drawing. Which left me feeling positive about my art.  People thought that the ideas behind the piece were very interesting and well thought out. However it became apparent I could have emphasised the dragon part of my sketch more. In the future I see this piece having potential and I will continue to improve it as this project has got me more interested in computer generative art and interaction design in general. One aspect I would say this project has definitely made me think about more is how to design for an environment, therefore how important the lighting and colours are to creating great effective designs.


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